Monday, 14 May 2012

Ready to Print

In order to start creating deliverables for this brief I started with the basics: front cover designs for a set of notebooks/sketchbooks. I want them to be both humourous and informative, so I settled on a combination of image and text. On the very front cover there is either one of two options: 1) a single large scale illustration or 2) a much smaller repeated pattern. On the reverse of these cover pages is a small amount of information in relation to the character that is on display. This information includes a very short bio on the character and then a single quote taken from the episode 'The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis', the episode in which the titles of 'wild card' etc. where assigned.

Inside of the front pages will be the opposite version of what you see on the front cover; e.g. if there is a large version of the drawing on the front, there will be a pattern. This will be single sided and printed onto tracing paper. It will serve as preparation for the rest of the notebook, and provide an added level of protection to the contents inside. Below are the layouts for the three different characters, in order they are: Charlie, Mac and then Frank.

As I have stated previously I will be working on the remaining two characters from the show: Dee and Dennis slightly later. However now I have a template so to speak it will be easy to create deliverables at  lightening speed. Fingers crossed!

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