Monday, 14 May 2012

Mac: Sketchbook Layout

I took the basic sticker template and this time added the required information for the character of 'Mac'. I was a little apprehensive about this particular one, as the character is only ever referred to as 'Mac', and the reveal that his name is actually Ronald McDonald only happens much later in the series. I don't want to alienate my audience, however at the same time I'm sure of someone is a fan then they would understand the situation. The sticker design can be found below.

Something I haven't mentioned yet is the presence of the 'FX' logo on the sticker itself. I think this important as it adds a sense of credibility to the products. It will also add a sense of continuity across the range of products I am able to come up with and make them easily recognizable as a set.

I then applied the sticker in various different positions all over the front cover designs I have proposed. The flip book below shows the range of different options I was able to generate, and how the yellow and blue colour scheme works well together.

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