Monday, 14 May 2012

Frank: Sketchbook Layout

The second illustration I have chosen to explore further is the 'Frank' character, portrayed by Danny DeVito. The first step in creating a range of front cover ideas was to first adjust the sticker template, and replace the previous information with what is required for this particular design. I was a little worred that 'the muscle' would not fit in the space I have, but I needn't worry as it fit easily. The Only thing I may struggle with in the future is Sweet Dee's 'The Useless Chick' title. I'm pretty sure this won't fit so instead I will simply use 'The Chick' instead.

I then applied the above sticker design to several different front cover designs. I settled on the combination of a pale red and grey after stumbling across the combination and thought it worked really well. I also know for a fact that I will be able to get the stock of my choice in these colours, so I am confident in my abilities to produce something physical that has the same impact it does on screen. I'm not sure which one works best. Again that final choice will be dictated by which is the most practical.

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