Monday, 14 May 2012

Charlie: Sketchbook Layout

After experimenting with various colours and scales I thought about finalising designs for my 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' sketchbook set. I know that I will be printing my designs onto various coloured stocks and therefore the way in which I will be able to achieve design variety is by wrapping the books in belly bands that reflect the personality of each character. I knew that I would have to design a template of sorts, something type based that could be easily adjusted for each individual. I came up with the design that you can see below. In terms of colour, it can be easily changed to match each characters pallet and the typeface, Komika Axis, is playful yet bold and legible enough to maintain a sense of credibility. The sticker below shows how the information is easily interchangable.

I then took the above sticker design and applied it to the range of front cover designs. I'm not sure which of the belly band ideas is most successful. However I do like the colour combination that I managed to come across. I think the very pale orange compliments the turquoise incredibly well, and when combined with the boldness of black and white it works really well. The final belly band decision will have to be driven by both practicality issues and design success. I may have to ask for others opinions in order to settle on a final composition.

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