Monday, 14 May 2012

It's Always Sunny: Development & Colour

Once I knew I had a few illustrations to work with I began experimenting with scale, colour and composition. The visuals themselves will ultimately be applied to a range of stationery products, so I know I will have to create repeated patterns and such, to apply to differing sized objects. I also at this point do not know how I am going to incorporate the title of each character, e.g. 'the brains' etc. I played around slightly with different typefaces, and putting them into different shapes. From here I will have to perfect my colour choices and come up with a method of applying the appropriate text to the complimentary images. Below is a quick screen shot of some of the development and idea generation I was able to come up with.

The flip book below should show how I started with three simple illustrations and went much firther with my designs by simply adjusting colour and scale.

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