Monday, 14 May 2012

Frank: Development

After completing the Charlie and Mac illustrations I then wanted to finish the 'Frank' interpretation. I had worked on the external elements of the drawing for a while and kind of avoided the facial features, predominantly because I thought I wouldn't be able to draw his face accurately. After much deliberation I realised I had to get over my hang ups and simply get on with it. So I did. The original scanned in illustration can be seen below.

After scanning it in I change the brightness and contrast using Photoshop, to give it a more accurate illustrator rendering. The final illustration can be seen below. I am pleased with the drawing as I think it really depicts Frank in his most frenzied state, and the glasses and wild hair really add to this. I now have three finished illustrations, of which I plan to experiment with colour and layout. These experiments will then dictate how the rest of the brief will be shaped. I hope I can come up with some sort of visually striking composition that will attract an audience and hold their attention.

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