Thursday, 10 May 2012

Charlie: Development

I finally finished my initial drawing for the 'Charlie' character. I'm not entirely sure that the resemblance is uncanny, nevertheless I am pleased with the drawing and from here I can begin to bring final products together for this brief. A scan of the drawing can be seen below.

A few people have asked me in crits what my process is when I work on drawings like this. They think I've designed it entirely on a mac, however the process actually involves hand rendering the illustration then scanning in and using the live trace option on illustrator. I like this process as the computer rendering adds a certain something to the quality of the illustration. It smooths out all the edges and just finishes it off in the right way. This also allows me to experiment with composition and move certain elements of the drawing if I am not entirely pleased with the original. It also means I can experiment with colour and create duplicates and apply to different mediums. The finished, computer rendered illustration of 'Charlie Kelly' can be seen below.

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