Monday, 14 May 2012

Posters & Postcards

In order to flesh out the brief I want to create a variety of different deliverables. Due to the high impact of the illustrations I figured I could apply them to large scale double sided posters, these will be great to photograph and could look really impressive on the boards I will be submitting. Below are screen shots of the three characters I have worked on so far and the way in which the posters will work. The idea itself is very basic, with the large version of the caricature on the front and the a repeated pattern on the back. The colour yellow has sprung from research I have carried out that shows time and time again how existing promotion from the show uses yellow. Perhaps as a connotation to the word 'sunny'.

After the posters I then though about what else could I could create and came to the conclusion that postcards could work pretty well. When the designs below are printed onto a bold yellow stock the black will really stand off the page, and again it will give the illustrations a chance to stand alone. The screen shot below shows how I set up my document to print, complete with crop marks and the corresponding text on the reverse of the appropriate illustration.

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