Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Finalising Mailshot Artwork

I have working in conjunction with Samantha to create a mailshot that she felt best reflected her garment collection. I knew from previous experiments that she was a fan of me designing a hexagon shape, that when folded twice becomes a triangle. It allows for interaction, and displays each of the outfits in the most optimum way. The basic idea is a double sided print that has pure imagery on one side, and the reverse features the appropriate written information. She made it clear to me that she wanted black used as the predominant colour on the reverse, which made it vital for me to display the white text in the most legible way. Below is the finalised artowkr for the foldable mailshot.

Thanks to Samantha's insistence, I was able to get my hands on six of the edited images for the look book. I placed these in the below composition. After consulting Samantha she was really happy with the results, therefore I plan on printing as many as I can at my next print session. I hope to god I get the two sides to line up correctly. I'll have to use quite a large bleed on the black side to ensure the results are as effective as I want.

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