Sunday, 27 May 2012

Printed & Assembled Packaging Items

Today I was able to print and assemble the exterior packaging for Samanatha's collection. This included a double sided print for the bag, and a double sided print for the box found inside the bag.

The bag itself is printed on one sided 300 gsm silver stock. The logo is featured on just one side. Black eyelets have been used to hold the 5mm black rope for the handles. Inside the bag is a repeated pattern of a white tryptik triangle on a black background. I was initially unable to print double sided on the stock as the silver side did not absorb the ink. I had to wait a while, actually a whole day, for it to dry and then feed it back through to achieve the desired effect. Even though this was a little frustrating, I was very pleased with the final results, and if needed would do the same thing again.

Inside the silver bag is a constructed black box, complete with printed tracing paper for extra padding. The box itself is incredibly simple in design, but this is what Samantha requested so I was left no other option than adhering to her requirements. I tried to bring a little something extra to the product by having a a repeated pattern placed on the bottom of the bottom part, and a single triangle on the inside of the top part.

Below is an image of what the box looks like within the bag. The fit is quite snug, but due to the large nature of Samantha's garments and the printing restrictions I was faced with I could only do my best.

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