Sunday, 27 May 2012

Final Product Shots

Today I managed to complete my fashion branding brief. It was a real struggle to work to my schedule when Samantha had been given an extension. She was working towards dates that meant I had very little time to bring together resolutions and have them printed on the right stock and to the right format.

Below is a shot of the business cards. Having designed the logo quite a while ago this was a part of her stationery that I was able to stay on stop of. It took a lot for me to receive her approval. Let's just say she wasn't scared to make her opinions known. I advised that a triangular business card was perhaps not the best option, but she insisted. Nevertheless I am pleased with results, and think this unique approach sets her apart from the rest of her graduating year. Something she wanted more than anything.

Another deliverable I was able to complete today was the triangular look book. After being given the images only a few days ago, I was left just a few days to develop a design that was both practical and satisfied her quirky requirements. The book itself was printed in three X3 sections, resulting in a 46 page publication, with additional front and reverse covers. I bound the publication with a coptic stitch, and then covered the seam with a strip of black cotton Samantha had used in her collection.

Below are a few product shots that show the book layout in action. It took a while to figure out how the images and text would be printed correctly, but I was incredibly proud when it all came together with no complications.

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