Monday, 7 May 2012

Packaging Mock Ups

After a discussion with Samantha, we came to an agreement on what range of packaging she required for her final collection. I had initially suggested a range of bag sizes, however she implied that her garments are all similarly sized and therefore she would really only need one size. However, due to her minimal requirement of bag construction I suggested that there should be more internal elements. So we settled on creating a box that would fit within the bag, and have the garments folded up inside. We also then settled on having tissue paper within the box. In conclusion, after initial hesitation in regards to what Samantha would need to successfully package her collection, we have come to a compromise that combines several different components of packaging, from bespoke 3D construction to graphics applied to stock. Below are a few images of the mock ups I made in relation to our decided approach. From here I will obviously enlarge the nets substantially and apply the graphics I have created.

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