Monday, 7 May 2012

Digitising Bag Design

After creating very early mock ups with nothing more than some scraps of paper and a ruler and scalpel, I then had to digitise the net that I designed. I used illustrator to get each individual section of the net the exact size it needs to be. I then grouped all the elements and used a stroked line to indicate where I will both cut and score the net. The placement of the logo on the front and reverse of the bag is still up for discussion, but I do think Samantha will be pleased with what I have managed to propose.

I think it's important that there be some sort of detail on the interior of the bag so I have come up with a few different ideas that are awaiting Samantha's approval. I think black should be the predominant colour in contrast to the exterior, and therefore just made all the triangles white. In terms of the designs below I think may favourite has to be the top one, most probably because it's the simplest and easiest to comprehend. However I do also like the last option as it incorporates extra triangular shapes and is a less obvious repeated pattern. But whatever Samantha likes is the one to go with.

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