Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Look Book Idea Generation

After a discussion with Samantha, in which she implied she would not require a form of 'publication' for her look book, we settled on an interestingly folded leaflet. Due the shape of her triangular logo, and the prevalence of triangles within her final collection, we came up with the idea of taking this and multiplying it to form a hexagonal shape. The print will be double sided; one side being purely image based, and on the reverse the accompanying information for the items found in each photo. Though I still have no images to work with at the moment, Samantha has insisted that they will be black and white, and shot in a studio. There will be no exterior elements to the photography; simple and sleek is the direction in which we are head.

So I went ahead and experimented with composition and logo placement. Due to the one side being pure photography I think it's important to incorporate the logo in some way. I feel if it wasn't featured, be it in an incredibly subtle way, the message would be lost and the layout may not look like a continuation of all the other items I will be creating for the resolutions.

From the range of layouts I created in the above flip book I took three of my favourites and expanded them slightly. I then printed them off and, though not to scale, was given an impression of how successful each one was. The three that I decided to take to the next level of experimentation are seen below. Each one has positives and negatives, and the placement of the triangular logo seems to be vital in communicating a message. I will have to discuss the options with Samantha and see which one she is most impressed with.

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