Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Final Net: Large Scale Bag

After a brief discussion with Samantha, we came to a conclusion on the design of the bag I will be producing as a resolution to the brief. She said she only wanted the logo featured on one side of the bag, to which I was a little apprehensive, however if this is what she wants then I have to respect her decisions. The bag itself is incredibly simple, mostly negative space, a large scale logo and the handles will be black in contrast the overwhelming amount of white.

However, to bring a more rounded finish the bag design I managed to convince Samantha that there should be some form of internal pattern. We settled on the one found below. I think it's important to have black as the predominant colour, as it will look great in contrast to the exterior of the bag. It's also a detail that most will not instantly notice, but once they look closer, they will appreciate the attention to detail. I took the triangular design and rotated it 60 degrees each time, resulting in six different iterations of the same basic shape. I then simply aligned them horizontally and equally spaced them, after which I layered the design to fill the space.

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