Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Final Net: Internal Box

At Samantha's insistence I was able to create the appropriately sized net. The box itself will be held within the large scale bag (the net of which can be seen in the previous post) and contain each one of her final garments. She insisted that all her final creations are similarly sized and therefore there would be no need for a range of box sizes. She also insisted that the design be simple yet effective, so we settled on black in large amounts and the reversed out logo on the top side of the box.

On the inside of the top section of the box there will be the smaller repeated pattern, seen on the left hand side of the image below. I think this is important, as I don't want the black to become too overwhelming. The image on the right hand side of the below screen capture is of the design that will be found on the interior of the bottom section. It is a slightly smaller version of the triangle found on the very front, and still does not feature the name of the company, a decision purposely made.

The final section of the construction can be seen below. There's not much to be said for the design of the net, it's purely black, however the size is slightly smaller so the top section slides neatly over the top. This is a detail I have forgot with previous box construction and have come up against major problems. By dealing with this early on hopefully I will have no problems. The only other component of the box is what will be found on the inside. Samantha wants to print the repeated pattern onto plain tissue paper, I will have to look into whether this is even possible.

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