Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Look Book: Exterior Packaging

Due to Samantha insisting that she just wants a folded leaflet design for her look book, I think it's important to add another element that will bulk out the final composition. At first I suggested a simple sleeve to place over and hold the folds in place, however this idea was then rejected when we realised the logo placement may cause some problems. So after I suggested some sort of envelope/box for the look book to be held in we settled on the design found below. It continues the approach found with the previous packaging, black as the main colour with the logo featured largely on the front and much smaller but repeated on the inside. The right hand page seen below is a basic layout to be printed on very fine tracing paper, of which will wrap the folded look book in place and protect it slightly. The tracing paper will be held in place with a small sticker, again just another version of the triangular design.

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