Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Final Layouts: Zine & Leaflets

I finally finished the remaining two zines I had been working towards; musical and comedy. Below are flip books of the publications, of which I will turn into PDF's and send off to an outside source to get professionally printed.

I also wanted to create a publication that was a lot more concise than the zine itself, and instead just contained the eighteen films recommended in the publications. I also wanted the creation to be a little more interactive so I made three 'pamphlets', all of which have a small tab that will be perforated, and therefore once each film has been viewed a tab can be removed. I think this will bring a sense of fun to the customer who wishes to purchase the publication and really engages with the whole concept of the brief. I also added plenty of space for notes to be taken on the reverse of each page. I know from personal experience when watching a film I'll recognise a face, or hear a line of dialogue I particularly like, and wish I had a way of remembering it. But by the time it finishes I've completely forgotten what I wanted to remember, hopefully this will solve that problem!! It's also a handy size that allows for easy transportation, fitting into almost any pocket. Below are flip books of the three pamphlets.

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