Monday, 30 April 2012

Final Filler Pages

I have to admit that I have felt a little lackluster in terms of the yearbook brief, and had put it on the backburner. So in order to regain some of my momentum, and feel as though as I was making a more concerted effort towards the final publication I offered to design the 'filler pages' we required. We where provided a few different blurbs and several images. I knew it wouldn't take that much effort to arrange the text in some sort of coherent manner, and place the large scale images on single page or double page spreads so I started to design.

Due to the three sections of the book taking up the red, green and blue from the colour wheel, the 'filler pages' would be predominantly yellow, with white and black obviously. I think working with the yellow actually spurred me on to create some interesting designs because quite frankly I like it a lot better than the green I had been assigned with the film section. I used Helvetica for the body copy as a continuation of design from the rest of the book.

In terms of success I think the pages could be adjusted slightly to produce a more professional finish, but with only a short amount of time to design them I simply went with what I thought looked best for the time being. I like the quotes Mike provided us with for each of the chapters, and think that they work really well with the corresponding images.

All that is left to do is slot the below spreads into place in between the chapters from the yearbook. At this moment in time I'm not sure what our page count is, that is something I will have to discuss with Naomi, and if any more filler pages are required I will produce them.

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