Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Final A2 Posters

I wanted to create a poster that was not just a visual, but also interactive. Not just something to stick up on the wall and forget about, but instead something to continuously revisit and remain in the mind set of truly experiencing films, not brainlessly letting them go in one ear and out the other. So I decided to design an A2 double sided print, on one side a pattern of the illustrations, and on the other side the corresponding film titles and the space to apply an amount of stickers, from one to three, and in turn assign a personal rating to each and every film. I think it works because it reinforces the idea of sticking with the provided list, and searching out the features to view them. I also think it's something that a lot of people wouldn't be happy half finishing, but instead would not be happy until all eighteen features are seen and reviewed. Due to the additional supply of a sticker sheet with this poster, it's something that would only be available through the website, and will need some sort of external packaging to tie it all together. But with all the visuals pretty much at my disposal now, this won't take long.

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