Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Final Bear Illustration

At the beginning of today I had a rough idea of the style of illustration I would be working with for my skate branding brief. By the end of the day I had created a (hopefully) finished design that will contribute to my range of even sins skate branding. The actual illustration itself combines several aspects of research I have discovered. It blends: the colour that is used to represent the sin of wrath, also known as 'ira', the animal embodiment and also the appropriate punishment in hell, in this case being dismembered alive. Obviously this concept seems gruesome, so it is important that my illustrations are playful and humorous rather than dark and depressing.

From my initial illustration I have also managed to create a pattern that can be used as a secondary focus. It is a repeated pattern that combines the dismembered legs, arms and stars. Hopefully it is still light hearted and doesn't look too out of place without the original image.

For experimental purposes I also added a texture to the illustration and moved it slightly to the right. I think this brings a sense of texture to an otherwise flat piece of work, and is definitely something I will consider for my range of high spec deliverables. Below is a close up screen shot of the texture in question.

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  1. This turned out to look amazing! great choice of colour and good idea adding the texture. Can't wait to see how these look at the end of the project!