Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bear Illustration: Wrath

Below are screen shots of development in regards to my bear illustration. Without a short back story the below illustration may seem slightly out of place and as if it has appeared from nowhere. However, I believe I have the appropriate justification. For my skate company branding brief I have decided to combine it with a subject matter that is apparently unoriginal and uninspired; the Seven Deadly Sins. Nevertheless I am determined to bring a fresh and exciting approach to a stale subject. I have decided to be playful and am prepared to work outside of my usual comfort zone. For this brief I have decided I want to develop my drawing skills and have therefore set myself the challenge of interpreting the sins in what I consider to be a unique fashion. I want to work primarily with character designs, and therefore have begun to brainstorm possibilities. For the sin known as 'Ira' in Latin, and wrath in English, I will be creating a mexican wrestler bear. This combines the animal representation of the sin and a sense of anger. Hopefully my turnaround will be quick and I can create a different illustration each day, meaning I will have the majority of my resolved visuals within a week.

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