Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tryptik: Business Cards

Today I had a serious discussion with Samantha about her branding, more specifically her business cards. I have known for a while that due to the triangular nature of her logo, and of course the prominence of triangles within her pattern cutting, she was interested in having a triangular business card. I was obviously apprehensive as it's not the done thing, however after her insistence on the issue I had no other option than to start proposing option for this rather unusual piece of stationery.

Something to bear in mind is also the fact that a lot of Samantha's packaging, such as swing tags etc, and promotional materiel, such as the look book, will also be triangular. I think when it's all brought together it will look really impressive, and not as unusual as it may first appear.

My biggest issue with the triangular approach was the three harsh corners. Business cards are supposed to be durable and withstand being taken in and out of a wallet as many times as possible, so with such defined corners there was a strong chance they would become worn and blunted, therefore ruining her desired intention of clean cut lines and a high standard of professionalism. After a few words I managed to convince her that it would be for the best that we preemptively blunt the corners. This way they will withstand more use, and it is also a continuation of the logo design itself.

The shot below shows the progression from top to bottom. Initially starting with a triangle and gradually working towards a design that is more practical, and of course legible.

Below is a flip book showing the three final options I have designed for the information side of the business card. I will present the three options to Samantha, and upon her decision will take one and run with it. Hopefully she likes one!

Below are the front and back of two A3 sheets showing the final business card compositions. All that is left to do now is print them on the intended stock and cut them out as neatly as possible. I'm not sure how many Samantha will require at this moment in time, so I will start with just a small run.

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