Wednesday, 1 February 2012

QR Codes

After our first meeting with Mike he mentioned that he was a fan of QR codes and the way in which they function. He even suggested that it could be something we include with the yearbook, adding an extra sense of interactivity. I know that everyone else from the group is working on designing some sort of twist on the original format, and my contribution can be found below. I was thinking about QR codes in relation the front cover design of the yearbook and got a little carried away. I figured I could incorporate the course title in some pixelated way and also the whole RGB plus yellow colour scheme.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't personally really like the design below, it's almost too kitsch for it's own good. However I do realise that it looks very dated, and far too amateurish for a finalised visual. The colours are far too playful, and the whole thing in general does not communicate the message Mike has clearly laid out for the course. Nevertheless it is my contribution at this moment in time and something I will present next time for some hopefully critical feedback.

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