Thursday, 2 February 2012

General Yearbook Meeting

Lorenzo arranged a meeting for yesterday which all members from all yearbook teams where asked to attend. I was a little curious as to what information he would provide us with in regards to deadlines we should be setting ourselves and perhaps even starting to bring together our ideas in a cohesive manner. During the meeting the topics found below where mentioned.

Yearbook brand guidelines
Copy Fred and Lorenzo into the contact reports too.
At the moment, work with variations based around the shortest name, longest name, smallest image and largest image, etc, so that the layout will be appropriate and work well in all circumstances.
All of the text based content should be received by the end of reading week.
Implement strict deadlines about when information is coming through. If the students haven't submitted it, then they won't be in the yearbook.
Design direction should be taking shape now (typeface, colours, etc.).
Printing will be in multiples of 12 (36/60/84/108 pages).
Blanks can be borrowed for meeting with course leaders to give them a clearer idea of the size of the yearbook and number of pages.
Try and create a rough mock-up/dummy once you know how many pages the yearbook will be. This will help you have an idea of what information goes where and how it all comes together.
The branding, concept and layout, etc., should all be in place in the next 2 weeks.

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