Monday, 20 February 2012

Page Layout Experiments

In preparation for our meeting with Mike I thought I would put together some basic page layouts. I think it was important for me to get down on screen all the things I had been imagining. For a few days I had been visualizing what I thought was the best way to place the text and imagery within the double page spreads, so when it came to opening inDesign I knew exactly what I wanted to communicate.

I wanted to focus on the three colours (RGB) and use interesting shapes to hold certain body copy. I had initially wanted the information on the left side of the spread, with large scale imagery on the right. But after playing around with different compositions I realised that there where several ways which worked both visually and comprehensively.

Below is the flip book of spread ideas that I will take to our next meeting with Mike. Hopefully he will be pleased with the direction I have decided to head in, and he will like at least one of the spread layouts. I am aware that others members of the group will be bringing along there ideas so I am prepared to come to a creative compromise. Nevertheless I am please with the ideas I have created, and the efforts I have made towards the brief thus far.

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