Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Final Six Feet Under Poster

I've been working on a poster for my favourite TV series of all time, Six Feet Under, for a while. There are a lot of moments from the series that remain at the forefront of my mind but there is one quote in particular that has stayed with me. In one of the last scenes from the series one character says to another 'You can't take a picture of this, it's already gone'. It's a sentiment with great meaning and I wanted to do it justice with my design so I took my time with it. The colour scheme is blue, yellow and white and I wanted to create a stroked illustration of a camera to reflect the strokes in the typeface.

I also created a red version of the above poster which can be seen in the flip book below. I'm not sure which one I like better, as there are connotations with blood for the red version, but the richness of the blue works well also.

The scene in question can be seen below.

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