Sunday, 5 February 2012

Meeting No. 2

On Friday we had our second meeting with Mike. It was helpful in terms of giving us a clearer direction to work in, and he gave his opinion on what design elements he liked, helping us leave the meeting with a more refined idea of what visuals to expand further. We are still currently having issue with the QR codes, something I know Naomi and Maya have been working with, and at this point it may be slightly premature of me to say, but I don't think they will feature heavily in the finished publication. Below are the notes Maya took from the meeting:


  • Keep QR codes purely functional.
  • The QR codes are quite intrusive, but can be in colour.
  • Mike is still waiting on student email addresses and web addresses.
  • Full list of students.
  • Mike will send us links to things that he likes (his personal taste).
  • The filler pages will have photos on that can serve as promotional material.
  • Log in to the DFGA section of VLE to have a look at the level 5 and 6 blogs.
  • Mike likes the hand-crafted books that Naomi made in first year for the Leeds Book Fair. He likes the colours and the way in which the text is hidden within the circular pattern.
  • Of the logo option that Rob showed, he doesn't like the hard edges, so the edges need to be softened.
  • Mike is quite happy with something along the lines of the layout that Naomi has done.
  • However, students won't want a fold down the middle of their work, so make sure images don't go over pages.
  • Images are likely to be wide-screen, so there should be at least 1 reasonably sized panel to show off their work.
  • Background colour and white out text, especially on pages with concept art.
  • He likes the yellow text on the black and white photo for the filler page layout that Naomi proposed.
  • Use a dark grey/deep, rich colour (deep blue/grey, almost black) in the background to make the colour palette that Robyn has been experimenting with stand out more.
  • The cover can remain relatively abstract or with a typographic treatment.
  • Look into and experiment with glitch-y/electronic stuff.
  • The style of the cover can then feed into the website.
  • Mike will continue to feed stuff into Dropbox.
  • Mike has a blog called 'Creative Fuel' of things that he finds interesting.
  • Create an initial research folder in the Dropbox folder and email Mike to let him know if we add to it.
  • Probably 84 pages for the yearbook.
  • Mike will get back to us about the ordering of the students. Perhaps by discipline though.

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