Friday, 13 January 2012

Yearbook Proposal

Below is the PDF that myself, Rob Green, Naomi Farrar and Steph Bourne have submitted for the Graphic Design yearbook. The proposal itself is fairly simple, with large scale imagery and a singular colour, yellow, being used throughout. There was also another element the brief that involved a dotted pattern, that when connected in one of many different ways, could possibly represent each student in a unique way. I am excited to hear back as to how our proposal has been received and if our bid to ensure the BAGD yearbook is unsuccessful. If not I also wonder if we have been assigned another courses book, and what that will entail both creatively and personally.

In terms of the actual proposal and assigning ourselves roles to take on for the submission, Naomi was given the front cover design, Rob the dotted pattern and I was asked to take on a few basic page spreads. I didn't really know what direction to take so I gathered some large scale imagery and few basic sentences to string together, and proposed a few different varieties of the same concept, with the purple colour featuring heavily and black also playing quite an important role.

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