Thursday, 12 January 2012

Making Contact

After being briefed on OUGD303 and hearing we have to put together a design context publication, I realised contacting studios and freelancers would prove vital. So I have put together an initial list of designers who work primarily with image and pop culture, and whose work inspires me daily. All of the names in the list will take you directly to each designers personal web page.

Adam Hanson
Anne Benjamin
Brandon Schaefer
Brian Holderman *
Chris DeLorenzo
Chuck BB
Clark Orr
Dan Bob Thompson
Dave Perillo
Delicious Design League
Derek Eads
Doe Eyed Design
Eric Tan
Fernando Reza
Glen Brogan
Graham Erwin
Iron Jaiden
James Flames
Jason Hernandez
Jayson Weidel
Joe Van Wetering
Joey Spiotto
Jon Smith
Jordan Buckley
Josh Cooley
Joshua Budich
Justin Helton
Justin White *
Kali Meadows
Kevin Tong
Kiersten Essenpreis
Kyle Norris
Lauren Gregg
Little Friends of Printmaking
Matt Chase *
Mike Mitchell
Miranda Dressler
Olly Moss
Reza Rasoli
Reilly Stroope
Ryan Brinkerhoff *
Sean Dove *
State of Shock Studios
Steve Dressler *
Todd Slater
Tom Whalen
Veronica Fish
Zac Gorman

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