Monday, 23 January 2012

Gallery 1988: 'Paper Cuts'

In 2011 Olly Moss had a solo exhibition entitled 'Paper Cuts'. The show took Olly's minimalist approach to a whole new level. Without doubt, my favourite exhibition ever displayed at Gallery 1988. And considering the stiff competition, that's really saying something.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for this show?
A: When I was first coming up with ideas for the show I had about six different ideas and I looked at them all and I thought, well, to start I was going to do about 60 of these and a bunch of other stuff. And I started drawing them and I thought this is enough for a whole show. There’s so many things I can do with it and kind of set all the expectations, twist them, like I did with the Where’s Waldo and Die Hard with the broken glass and stuff. I thought there’s totally a whole show in this idea so I’d do that. So it’s probably about 5, 6 months ago, maybe, so it’s been a long time in the works.

More of an insight can be gained by viewing the video below.

A few images from the exhibition can be seen below. I chose these examples because they are the ones that interested me the most; some due to the subject matter (Arrested Development, Seinfeld etc.) and some because of the attention to detail (e.g. use of colour for Reservoir Dogs and Tobias Funke). However the images shown here really are just a miniscule representation of what was shown. For close up shots of pretty much every frame in the exhibit click here. It's quite fun to see how many silhouettes are so recognizable. Shown below: Buster Bluth & Loose Seal, Ferris & Cameron, Jerry, Elaine, George & Kramer, Tobias Funke, Ace Ventura, Reservoir Dogs, The Simpsons, Jay & Silent Bob, Buzz & Woody, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard & Han Solo, Franklin & Gob Bluth.

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