Thursday, 3 May 2012

Final Web Pages: Comedy Collection

For the past few days I have been working on bringing together all my resolutions for my Splendor Pelicula brief. I knew I wanted to design a website, as I feel it brings a real sense of resolution to the process, and it makes it in general a lot more 'believable'. I knew I wanted it to be sleek, sophisticated and incorporate the artwork I have created for the publications. Another aspect I considered was separating the three different genres of film I have worked with and designing separate web sections for each, using the three pastel colours. I spent quite a lot of time trying to manipulate imagery and proposing merchandise designs through pre-existing photography and then adding my illustrations. The next step was then to place all these images into some sort of continuous layout that was flexible enough to work for several different pages. I think I managed to resolve that problem by having a repeated bar down the left hand side of the composition, and always ensuring the logo is pride of place.

The majority of the page designs are for the 'online store', however there is also the digital archive section of the site, for which I had to create what looked like a realistic flip book visual. I tried to keep that page as white as possible, so as not to detract from the content of the publication. All in all I think the pages work well together, and are different yet similar enough to work as a group or individually. The layout designs are simple enough to expand into printed merchandise catalogues if I so desired, but I think this might be somewhat of an unnecessary step.

The next step in wrapping up this brief is to design the same amount of web pages for the other two genres of film: cult and musical. This can be easily done, as all that needs changing is the colour, some text, and the visuals on the merchandise shots. After this I will have to apply some of the page designs to computer shots, giving them a more visceral quality and real world application.

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