Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Final Film Section

When it came to dividing up the responsibility of working towards our final yearbook layout, we figured it best to give each one of the three sections to three of the people in the group. Naomi was given animation (red), Maya was given game (blue) and I took on the film (green) part of the course. We had agreed upon a final spread layout that had all the information on the left hand page and large scale pictures taking up space on the right side page. I think the layout itself is fairly basic so it means there is a lot of room for variety, and the work itself becomes the main focus. That was our main intention, we did not want to detract from the work being produced on the course with an overbearing layout, and with the bold colours being used this could have easily happened. I think it's best that the colour is kept to a mimimum, therefore it's clear each section has been assigned a colour, but it's not the first thing you notice.

In terms of the film section I was faced with a few problems that meant the design did not flow as easily as I had wanted it to. The main issue was the images we were provided. Though I realise the course is very digital and getting real world shots is difficult, some of the screen captures are a little disappointing and don't pack the visual punch I had imagined. I also had issue with a coouple of the students statements. We specifically asked for roughly 30 words from each person describing their method and what their intentions for the future are. However, from a few students we where simply given 5 - 10 words, and when set against a very negative background the words look slightly lost.

The final pages are below. I was working to the deadline of Lorenzo's that required a completed PDF for an early printed draft. Therefore there are still a few things that require altering, but these can be dealt with at a later date.

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