Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Evaluation: Los Pecados

What started as a brief a long, long time ago I was determined to work at the best of my creative abilities to come up with resolutions. I knew from the outset it wad a generic idea for a brief. I think that's why I set myself the challenge though, I wanted to prove to myself and others that I had the ability to take something that many others have attempted and bring a personal approach to it.

It started as a type driven brief, trying to come up with a logo design. This was an aspect of the brief that I was not expecting to enjoy as much as I did. Branding is something I have never attempted before, often skipping that step, or designing an incredibly simple logo to apply to my products, but with brief I forced myself to work on a logo design, and I believe it paid off.

The logo itself was in part influenced by illustrations I was working on for the 'Splendor Pelicula' brief. I would lying if I said that the briefs didn't start to blend into one at one point. However I brought myself out of that situation by actively working with a different illustrative approach for the rest of the brief. I really wanted to challenge how I worked with illustrator to creating bold and enticing visuals that stood alone. I started with an initial bear illustration to represent the 'wrath' sin, and received positive feedback from pretty much everyone. This was a positive, but a negative in many ways as well.

It proved to myself that I could create light hearted and humourous illustrations that communicated what I intended. However this turned out to be a curse, as it meant I got lazy and assumed I could create illustrations of the same standard for the rest of the 'sins'. I couldn't. I stepped away from the brief for a while to work on other stuff, but quickly realised once I had detached myself from this illustrative approach it was hard to get back into. I struggled to create visuals for the rest of the brief requirements, and in conclusion I was actually disappointed with what I created.

This brief was most definitely the one brief that enforced the fact that I am not the best multi tasker. I find it very difficult to work on two or more things at once, and even more difficult to re-approach a brief once I have been away from it for so long. I wouldn't say I am disappointed with my final visuals, because I do think they represent my use of colour and illustrations very well, I just think that I could have applied the patterns to a wider range of products and thought about the context of the patterns a lot more.

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