Thursday, 24 May 2012

Assembled Swing Tags

Another day, another assmebled resolution to my fashion branding brief. Today I was able to print and assemble the swing tags for the 'Tryptik' collection. I was incredibly pleased with the results. I think the reason for my satisfaction with the swing tags is how nicely all the different elements came together.

The tags themselves are composed of three different elements. Firstly is a 40mm wide piece of mirror with the tryptik triangle ecthed onto one side. Next is piece of tracing with the triangle printed on in black ink, laid over the greyscale diamond patter. On the reverse of this pattern is all the necessary information for the individual garments. These two stocks are held together with a stainless steel 5mm eyelet.

The last component of the swing tags is another triangle, this time printed using the single silver sided stock. On the white side is the inspiration behind the collection. This tag is finished off with a 5mm matte black eyelet, chosen to contrast the silver stock. All the different elements are brought together with a 3mm stainless steel chain measuring roughly 200mm, allowing a 100mm drop length.

I think the tags work really well because of the many different ways the logo is featured; printed on different stock in different colours, and even etched into mirror. Samantha was incredibly pleased, and so was I!

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