Friday, 16 March 2012

Zine Front Cover Development

After Si Scott gave me a great idea for the front cover designs of my film zine, I spent the morning trying to finalise the basic template. I knew I had the basic shape of the zines logo, and the name of the publication. However I was still uncertain over the typeface and the colour choices for all six issues. After some experimentation seen below I settled on a typeface called 'Cubano' for the name as it's bold and legible enough to be read from a distance, whilst still remaining fun and light hearted with its slightly rounded strokes. I also settled on the six different colours for the issues, with a lighter and a darker pastel for pink, blue and green being chosen. I think by technically using only three colours, I could take Fred's advice and in some way connect two issues, be it through a director, a regular cast member or even a popular year of release. I think it's important that some sense of continuity it reflected throughout the series of issues.

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