Friday, 2 March 2012

More Contacting

After a couple weeks without contacting more illustrators for interviews, I thought it was about time I got back to it. After doing some more research, and discovering more and more designers whose work I feel is in close relation to my own (or at least what I aspire to be) I whittled down the list to those I felt I would benefit from talking to. The list is as follows.
Ryan Brinkerhoff
A young illustrator who goes by the name Bandito Design. He is a regular contributor to Gallery 1988 shows with his very stylised vector illustrations. His choice of colour is perfect, and I also admire how he incorporates texture into his digital designs. More work can be seen here.

The Bungaloo
A screen print artist, called John Vogl, from Denver, Colorado. His work is very compositionally driven, and his combination of plafyul artwork with decorative type is inspiring. More of his limited edition creations can be seen here.

Matt Taylor 
One of the only British designers I have found that has contributed to Gallery 1988 shows, I was excited to think that it is a possibility for myself. His website is chock full of shining examples of his illustrative approach.

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