Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Finalising Skate Logo

I think I have finally settled on a logo design for my skate company 'Pecados'. It took several attempts to create an effective design that was both visually impacting and held a greater meaning. I settled on working primarily with black and white stroked artwork. This may be a slight overlap from my other briefs, but knowing the remainder of the artwork I create for the skate brief will be bold and colourful, I felt it necessary for the logo to be simple. I like the shape of the logo, and how all the separate components are brought together through a banner and an almost crest like illustration. I'm not sure if my intended message is communicated, bu the circular design at the top of the composition is supposed to be a skate wheel. Hopefully when the design is in context it will become more apparent.

Below is a flip book documenting the different stages of my logo development. It's a bit jumpy, but the general idea is there.

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