Thursday, 1 March 2012

Black Chronicle of Five Centuries

About: The book is about the criminal events took place in and around the medieval town of Sopron. The writer (Jenő Szabó) collected the most interesting crime cases from it's history. The book is almost 200 pages, not too long but has many chapters, and every chapter has a coat of arms styled illustration. The cover is based on the etching of Zakariás Michel from 1700 and shows one of the big fires of the town. The side notes conatins the translations and the explanations of the foreign words and sentences. 

I really like this publication and it has given me a good idea for my film zine. I love to illustrate and this has shown to me how I can incorporate individual designs for the films and combine into something that works as a series.


  1. Incredibly interesting publication, would you mind if I reblog? right down my street this.