Monday, 5 March 2012

Alpha Typeface

I have decided to look further into geometric typefaces after it was made clear to me that Samantha approved of the research I had previously done. She particularly admired the space age/futuristic font I highlighted in my initial fashion inspiration flipbook. It hadn't occurred to her that her own work had futuristic connotations before, though now she is fully aware that that the monochrome colours and materials she will use, along with reflective surfaces, signify futurism. I found the below font on the behance network and was surprised by how appropriate it was. It is a geometric based font, and has been used in context with space themed imagery; perfect. Another positive about this font is its increased legibility. Though Samantha liked the previous geometric font, she had found it hard to read, I doubt she will have the same problem with this.

There were several other fonts attributed to the designer of the 'Alpha' typeface seen above. They all seemed to appear geometric in style and therefore have some relevance to this particular brief. A select few can be seen in the flipbook below. For more of the designers work click here.

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