Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Meeting No. 4

Yesterday we had our fourth meeting with Mike, to which I took along all the previous design work I had been experimenting with. I was pleased with the feedback he gave us a group, but more specifically was happy that Mike liked the propositions I made, and decided to use my 'negative space' approach. I was a little disappointed that he didn't like some of designs that I personally think worked best, but by providing him with a lot of options he was bound to prefer some over other. Maya was once again in charge of taking notes, those of which can be found below.


  • Consider ways of categorising data as there probably isn't that much information to categorise (discipline, colours, gender, etc.)
  • Even if there isn't enough data to visualise, Mike likes the visual stimulus/aesthetics of the examples of information graphics that I found, so we could still try and create something abstract in a similar style.
  • The information is clear and there is a nice use of colour in the examples of information graphics that Rob and I found.
  • Mike likes the shape that Robyn has created in her layout as to where the student information can go.
  • Avoid the information overlapping any of the images.
  • The images should have some space around them.
  • The student information should be on the left-hand page.
  • For continuity, the information should be on the same place on the left-hand page, at least within each discipline.
  • The colour used on each DPS should represent which discipline the student is in. The information can be on the left or right of the left-hand page, but not centred. Mike is happy with the layouts that Robyn has been working on. He likes the use of negative space.
  • We should not have any pages where almost the whole page is black because of the background colour and use of negative space.
  • No QR codes, just web addresses.
  • Don't worry about any of the blogs being on restricted access at the moment.
  • Mike will let us know which discipline each student is in tomorrow.
  • We have booked the photography studio for 9.30am-12pm on Monday 27th February. Mike will email all of the students to let them know that they must attend.
  • Simple, black and white portraits that won't detract from the students' work.
  • Statements from the students - maximum 30words. The statements might get cut down if they go over this.
  • The student list is final now.
  • It is 'Will Farrell' rather than William Wyn Farrell.
  • The students will just be split into disciplines, rather than by years and then subdivided into disciplines.
  • Information about each year still needs to feature somewhere.
  • Mike will give us the photographs for the extra double page spreads.
  • Start mapping out the extra spreads so that we know what's going where and what extra information we need.
  • On the students' individual DPS, there will be 2-3 images of their work, plus the student's photo.
  • There are unlikely to be any portrait images of any of the students' work.
  • The corner shapes, colours and type from the layout can be brought through into the infographics for the cover
  • Colours - RGB/variations of RGB for the 3 disciplines, and then yellow for the filler pages.
  • Rich hues of colour rather than bright.
  • Experiment with a deep grey. Would this work well when printed though?
  • Orangey-yellow on black.
  • Colours must work well against black and white.
  • We will add some colour swatches to Dropbox to get some feedback.

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