Friday, 10 February 2012

Meeting No. 3

Today was out third meeting with Mike. The meetings are beginnning to blend into one for me, and though we seem to be getting somewhere design wise we are constantly being confronted with the same issues and not getting any real answers. Nevertheless, the notes below are the items that Maya noted down due to their importance.

The student list has been updated as one student has left.
There are two 2nd year students who are a bit unsure as to whether they will continue at the moment, but those pages will just be extra double page spreads/filler images otherwise.
We need to arrange a photo shoot for the student portraits. We need to book a photography studio, preferably for a Monday, and give Mike a few days notice so that he can let all of the students know.
We intend for the student photographs to be simple, black and white portraits as we want the focus to be on the photos of the students' work.
The students will be split into disciplines - Film, games and animation. None of the students cross over these boundaries. There can be an introductory page or double page spread to each section. A specific colour can be assigned to each discipline. Mike will let us know what discipline each student falls into.
Mike likes the idea of visualising data and the kind of style that I had been working with, but without the soft edges.
Mike likes the bold type that Robyn has used.
Colour scheme can be based on RGB as it is a predominantly screen-based course.
Mike is also keen on the overlapping and mixing of colours, as long as effective colours are created.
As DFGA is a predominantly screen-based course, they won't be able to meet some of the print specifications that Lorenzo specified in his email. Mike will ensure that all of the images are as big and clear as possible though.
Mike already has plenty of photographs of the studios, etc., that can be used as filler images. There are a few photographers on DFGA if we need to have any more photos taken though.

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