Sunday, 15 January 2012

Portfolio Surgery: Ric Bell

Today I had my first portfolio surgery with a visiting professional, in this case Ric Bell. I came prepared with a digital PDF of the flip book seen below. It's something I've been putting together for a while, trying to decide what projects should feature in it and brainstorming layout ideas. I've been working in an A2 landscape format, something I found out straight away doesn't work. Ric suggested I work in A3 portrait format, that way a double page spread resembles my original intention of an A2 layout. He said it also makes it much more manageable and less overwhelming. He recommended dedicating one double page spread to each brief I choose to feature, maybe two if the brief is extensive enough. In general the session proved really useful and I now feel competent enough to go away and create a portfolio that effectively communicates who I am as a designer.

I learned that a good portfolio should:
  • be a combination of photography and artwork
  • have a lead in image for each brief, and several smaller support images
  • have minimal text, include all text on an introduction page
  • not be afraid of trying experimental page layouts
  • include actual products where appropriate, e.g. posters
  • flow from one page to the next and not be too formulaic
  • speak for itself

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